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Polo Run Lakewood Ranch HOA Fees

Polo Run is a popular community that blends luxury living, eco-conscious practices, and an extensive selection of amenities. This village is committed to sustainable living and stands out as the first solar-powered community in Lakewood Ranch. This eco-friendly infrastructure ensures a greener and more sustainable future for residents.

A sign that says Polo Run at Lakewood Ranch

Polo Run’s Homeowners Association (HOA) fees, which average around $305 per month based on the home, might pique your interest. In this article, we'll explore the value behind those HOA fees.

HOA Fees: The Advantages and Services They Offer

At Polo Run, the monthly HOA dues cover the costs of various amenities and services that make life in this neighborhood genuinely extraordinary. Here's a closer look at what your Homeowners Association provides:

Landscape and Grounds Maintenance

Polo Run is known for its meticulously groomed landscapes and well-kept grounds. The fees cover the expenses of your home’s landscaping including mowing, mulch, fertilization, and pruning in common areas such as parks, walking trails, and other shared green spaces. This ensures a consistently pristine appearance that contributes to the overall charm and value of the community.

Community Amenities

Residents can enjoy the impressive clubhouse, resort-style swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts, pickleball courts (a popular pastime in Lakewood Ranch), bocce ball courts, and a playground for children. These amenities foster a strong sense of community and provide endless opportunities for enjoyment, relaxation, and fitness.

Gated Community

Safety is a top priority for many homeowners, and the gated entrance offers an additional layer of security. The monthly fees cover the expenses of maintaining the gate and associated security measures, providing residents with peace of mind.

Community Events

Polo Run Lakewood Ranch boasts a vibrant social calendar with various community events and activities designed to foster connections among neighbors. The HOA fees contribute to the planning and execution of these events, making it easy for residents to get involved and create lasting memories.

This village offers undeniable value, and the HOA supports the community's high standard of living. When considering a home in one of the sought-after communities in Lakewood Ranch, it's essential to factor in the advantages these monthly dues provide.

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