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Privacy Policy

The website is committed to making your online experience as easy and safe as possible, which means protecting the information that you share with us when using our site or any of its products. This privacy policy covers all data collected by this company about users who have visited and/or submitted to this website. For more details, please read below:

So What Information Does Collect?
We are committed to providing you with a positive experience while browsing our website and we take your privacy seriously. We may collect your submitted personal information and page usage data. We will use this to connect you with someone who can help you.

How About Cookies?
Cookies are delicious. Online cookies are less tasty but still something we use. Cookies are used to track your experience through our site to make things easier for you (pre-populating a form with information you're interested in for example) and to help us analyze how people are experiencing the site.

Do You Share My Information with Third Parties?
We may share your information with third parties to help the primary purpose of this site:  to help you learn about Lakewood Ranch and connect you to resources that will help you buy a home or build a home here.

Is My Info Secure?
Yes.  While we can't promise anything, this site employs some of the latest protections against data intrusion.

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