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HOA Fees in Lakewood Ranch

If you're thinking about buying a house in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, it's important to know about the Homeowners Association (HOA) fees and CDD fees that come along with it. The HOA dues can be different from village to village and even from one neighborhood to another.

A neighborhood in Lakewood Ranch, Florida

The HOA fees in Lakewood Ranch can be anywhere from $100 to $650 every month depending on the village, but most of the time the fees are between $200 and $300 every month.

HOA Dues for Each Lakewood Ranch Village

Below is a list of articles that walk you through each neighborhood's HOA fee structure:

What Do My HOA Fees Cover?

Common services and amenities covered by Lakewood Ranch HOA fees include neighborhood amenities, common area maintenance, lawn care, and irrigation. In addition to these, some villages may offer unique benefits, such as landscaping and internet services. For example, in the Del Webb village, Del Webb HOA fees currently include cable services and are based on the size of the home.

What is a Community Development District (CDD) Fee and is it Included in my Taxes?

People looking to move to Lakewood Ranch should know about Community Development District (CDD) fees - sometimes called stewardship district fees. These fees are common in many larger communities in the Sarasota area.

CDD fees help pay for basic facilities and need to be paid once a year, along with property taxes. When you look at the details of a property, remember that the CDD fees are already included in the total tax amount shown. So, if the details show taxes of $10,000 per year and a CDD fee of $2,000, the real property taxes are actually $8,000, and the CDD fee is the other $2,000.

Buy or Build in Lakewood Ranch

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