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The Benefits of Living in Lakewood Ranch

Chairs and a lake in Lakewood Ranch

Ah, Florida - the Sunshine State! With its beaches, bustling cities, and vibrant culture, one of its gems is Lakewood Ranch. If you're contemplating a move to the #1 master-planned community in the United States, let’s delve into the benefits of relocating to Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

First, here's a great overview of Lakewood Ranch:

A Sunny, Warm Climate

A pool in The Lake Club in Lakewood Ranch, FL

With an average of 230 sunny days a year, Lakewood Ranch residents enjoy outdoor activities nearly every day. You can find expansive parks, trails, and lakes which invite residents to soak up the day.

No State Income Tax

Florida is a zero income tax state! Combine this with the strong value of homes and you've got a financial match made in heaven. The savings can go a long way - even towards a membership at one of Lakewood Ranch's elite golf clubs or shopping at one of three City Center boutiques.

Vibrant Cultural Scene

People in the street in Lakewood Ranch Florida

The events calendar reflects a melting pot of culture. From music festivals to farmers' markets that showcase local artisans, the vibrancy of this community's cultures are on full display.

Endless Recreation Opportunities

People outside in Summerfield Lakewood Ranch

Villages within Lakewood Ranch feature golf courses, pickleball, tennis courts and more - making it a haven for sports enthusiasts. Its serene lakes and trails further cater to those seeking outdoor relaxation.

Affordable Living in Many Areas

Lakewood Ranch is great at providing a high quality of life at affordable rates. With diverse housing options (from condos to sprawling estates) there's something to fit almost every budget.

Booming Real Estate

A home exterior in Lakewood Ranch

Often listed as the nation's top master-planned community, real estate is in demand for this community. Buying a home in Lakewood Ranch is about being part of a thriving community and looking toward a brighter future.

A Variety of Environments

A village event in Lakewood Ranch, FL

From the latest shopping centers to tranquil walking paths, variety is the spice of life. Lakewood Ranch's rich diversity of villages ensures that you have access to all of it - whether you're seeking bustling avenues or peaceful retreats.

Educational Opportunities

In addition to Florida's renowned universities, Lakewood Ranch offers an exceptional education ecosystem. With numerous highly-rated public and private schools in addition to its own Lakewood Ranch Information Center, learning and growth are cornerstones of this community.

Proximity to Tropical Paradises

Just as Florida is close to tropical havens, Lakewood Ranch's strategic location makes it a gateway to Florida's famed beaches, with the Gulf Coast just a short drive away. In fact, one of the most popular spots, Siesta Key, is no more than 20 miles away from Lakewood Ranch and sports more than 8 miles of glorious sand.


Florida's appeal is undeniable, and the award winning master planned community of Lakewood Ranch only heightens the allure. If you're considering a move, take a moment to explore the combination of Florida's charms and the unique magic that Lakewood Ranch brings to the table.

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