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Lakewood Ranch: A Pickleball Paradise

As Florida’s top master planned community, Lakewood Ranch boasts a rich variety of amenities and activities; notably, a thriving pickleball culture. For the last decade, pickleball has seen a significant spike in its popularity nationwide. Lakewood Ranch has fully embraced this sport with pickleball facilities, tournaments, and coaching for residents of all skill levels.

People playing Pickleball

Lakewood Ranch Villages with Pickleball Courts

  • Arbor Grande

  • Azario - Esplanade

  • Cresswind

  • Del Webb

  • Esplanade Golf & Country Club

  • Indigo

  • Lakewood National

  • Lorraine Lakes

  • Mallory Park

  • Polo Run

  • Star Farms

  • Sweetwater

  • The Isles

  • The Lake Club

  • Waterside - LakeHouse Cove

  • Waterside - Shoreview

  • Waterside - Wild Blue

  • Windward

  • Woodleaf Hammock

Pickleball: A Quick Primer

4 people playing pickleball

Before we delve into Lakewood Ranch's relationship with pickleball, let's address the basics. For those that are new to the sport, pickleball is a paddle sport that borrows elements from badminton, tennis, and ping pong. Played with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes (resembling a whiffle ball), it's a game of swift reflexes, strategy, and camaraderie.

Lakewood Ranch and the Pickleball Phenomenon

Lakewood Ranch and its residents are heavily invested in pickleball. Here's how the community has wholeheartedly embraced this sport:


A pickleball court in Del Webb Lakewood Ranch

Recognizing the burgeoning demand, Lakewood Ranch boasts state-of-the-art pickleball courts in most villages and caters to players of all levels. The courts are strategically located to ensure easy accessibility for residents.

Tournaments & Events

Annual tournaments, exhibition matches, and social events revolving around pickleball have become a staple on Lakewood Ranch's calendar. These events not only serve as a testament to the sport's popularity but also offer an avenue for players to hone their skills and network. In other words, if you are a beginner or at a more advanced level, you can be as invested as you want to be!

Coaching and Clinics

Whether you're a novice looking to learn the basics or a seasoned player aiming to refine your technique, Lakewood Ranch has an abundance of experienced coaches and regular clinics. These sessions are tailored to cater to different skill levels and age groups.

Community Engagement

It's common to see residents—both young and old—rally around pickleball. The sport has seamlessly transcended age barriers, fostering a spirit of community bonding. The diverse age demographic of players is proof of pickleball's universal appeal. If you’re looking to meet new people or have a great time with friends, pickleball is a great start!

Catching the Wave

As pickleball continues to gain traction, Lakewood Ranch has smartly positioned itself as a go-to destination for pickleball enthusiasts. This influx of seasoned and novice players, as well as tourists, translates to a direct boost to the local economy, benefiting businesses and establishments in the area.

The Future of Pickleball in Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch's commitment to nurturing pickleball is evident in its ongoing plans. With proposals for more courts, advanced training facilities, and even dedicated pickleball retreats, the future looks promising. Furthermore, there's a push towards integrating technology with the sport. From augmented reality assisted training modules to digital scoreboards and online communities, Lakewood Ranch is at the forefront of defining the next chapter of pickleball.

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